Squishy Esbaals

The Rakdos Goblin Friendship Summoner


Squishy Esbaals, The Friendship Summoner

Class: Level 1 Summoner Race: Goblin LP: 115
Size: 11 Regeneration: 2 Movement: 5 Fatigue: 8

Strength: 5 Dexterity: 8 Agility: 5 Constitution: 8 Intelligence: 9 Power: 10 Willpower: 9 Perception: 6
PhR: 40 MR: 45 PsR: 40 VR: 40 DR: 40

Initiative: 60 Natural, 60 Summoning
Attack Ability: 10 Unarmed
Defense Ability: 0 Dodge
Damage: 20 Unarmed
AT: None

Zeon: 385 (1,000 Zeon Battery Artifact)
MA: 10
Zeon Regeneration (Final): 50 + 50 from Artifact, (95)
Summoning Skills: Summon 125 (155 With Artifact), Control 120 (150 With Artifact), Bind 25 (55 With Artifact), Banish 25 (55 With Artifact)
Bound Creatures: Buttercup My Little Carnival Hellsteed

Advantages: Mass Summoner (3 CP), Familiar (2 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP), Artifact (3 CP, Background)
Disadvantages: Addicted (Racial, Gambling, 0 CP), Unnatractive (-1 CP), Deduct 2 Points from a Characteristic (Agility, -1 CP), Nearsighted (-1 CP), Debts (10,000,000 ZN, Background, -1 CP), Code of Conduct (-1 CP, Background), Powerful Enemy (Crime Boss, -1 CP, Background)

Primary Abilities: Dagger Module
Secondary Abilities: Notice -75, Search -75, Magic Appraisal 25, Occult 120, Persuasion 50, Style 45, Runes 40, Jewelry 40

Possessions: Mediocre Robes, Mediocre Shoes, Rakdos Face Tatoo, The Squishy Crown of Friendship

Special Resistances: Resist 10 Intensities of all Natural Elements (Fire, Cold, Electricity) thanks to his Crown.

Sex: Male Age: 13 Height: 4’8" Weight: 110 lbs. Skin: Green Eyes: Red Hair: Black Languages: Ravi, Svarki, Gruul Speak


There are few people known to be so self-contradicting than the entity known as Squishy Esballs. Born into a a massive warren of brothers and sisters, to parents too gobliny in their nature to try and think of real names for all their children, named them based on the imagined future that would probably take them. And so was the fate of Squishy attempted to be ordained from the day he was birthed, with 8 brothers and sisters.

Somehow, remarkable as though it may seem, this strange little nearsighted goblin was able to live, grow up, and even found a place in the Cult of Rakdos. He had an innate talent for conjuring great amounts of “friends” to help entertain the audience members. His ringleader enjoyed Squishy’s presence (although he was a bit happy-go-lucky for any serious shows), and Squishy made many friends.

One day Squishy was blessed with a great vision. It happened immediately after an enormous explosion tossed him through the air and knocked him against a stone wall. Amidst the screams of all the burning people, Squishy heard a voice. And that voice told him “Go forth, Squishy, and deliver friendship and wonder to all the people of Ravnica.”

And so it was that Squishy left his original show behind to travel and find all the friends that he could. For one he rekindled a traveling companionship with his closest sibling. For two he made an enormous collection of friends by losing an enormous amount of money at the gambling tables, but unfortunately he didn’t have that much money to lose. But it is alright, because everyone is friends with Squishy, and they would happily let him not pay all the money surely.

From that path does Squishy’s adventure for spreading the glorious world and path of friendship to all that encounter him. Whether they want him to or not.

Code of Conduct

  • Rule 1: Friendship is magic.
  • Rule 2: Squishy will never start a fight, because everyone’s his friend.
  • Rule 3: If Squishy believes he has offended someone that is his friend he must give them a gift.
  • Rule 4: Squishy will never abandon a friend in need.
  • Rule 5: Squishy will always do his utmost to cheer up a depressed or sad friend.
  • Rule 6: Once Squishy has summoned a friend and It has done what Squishy asked it to do, Squishy will allow the creature to be free and do what it wants.

Squishy Esbaals

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