The Squishy Crown of Friendship

Actually the Crown of Dawnweaver's Glow


Quality: The Crown of Dawngiver’s Glow is an exceptionally well crafted silver filigree crown which greatly resembles the symbol of the Selesnya guild. Craftsmanship containing an exceptional amount of magical energy enhances its powers. The Crown of Dawngiver’s Glow is treated as a +15 Crown (Quality Facet: General Quality +15, 50 Level 2 PP)

Sheltered By The Worldsoul: The wearer of the Crown of Dawngiver’s Glow is protected by a fragment of the Worldsoul’s attention. This grants the wearer an incredible resistance to natural elements. The wearer gains Immunity to 10 Intensities of the Natural Elements. (Facet of Protection: Elemental Immunity 10 Intensities Natural Elements, 120 Level 2 PP)

Mana From The Earth Itself: By wearing the Crown of Dawngiver’s Glow, the wearer is able to better tap into, as well as store, the mystical energies that flow through the lands of Ravnica. The Crown serves as a 1,000 Zeon Container and also increases the wearer’s Zeonic Regeneration by 50. (Facet of Empowerment Magic: Zeon Container 1000, 2010 Level 3 PP; Magical Recharge 50, 5010 Level 3 PP)

Calling Forth The Spirits of Protection and Rage: Control over supernatural entities from Ravnica is enhanced by the wearer of the Crown of Dawngiver’s Glow. This power can be used to summon forth beings to protect them or remove them from existence. The wearer of this item increases their Summoning, Control, Bind, and Banish by 30 each. (Facet of Summoning Empowerment Facet: Improved Summoning +30 Summoning, +30 Control, +30 Bind, +30 Banish, 2030 Level 3 each, 200 Level 3 PP total)

Power Level: 3
Total PP: Level 3: 290 Level 2: 170


Fable: 140/180/240

The Squishy Crown of Friendship

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