Mix Tape of Awesome Adventures

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The Mix Tape of Awesome Adventures is a unique artifact that magically emits music from an alternate universe, greatly enhancing the abilities of the owner. It has the appearance of three objects: one encases a second, and a third protrudes from the first, rests around the wearers neck, and emits the music (20 level 1 pp).

Get Pumped
These songs cause a surge of adrenaline in the owner, allowing him or her to perform with superhuman reflexes. Songs included are just about any hit by one Bon Jovi, as well as selected epic symphonic rock. Mechanically speaking: +2 DEX (330 level 1 pp).

These are the songs that are played when the owner is driving or riding and needs to set the tone for a legendary chase or speed run. Tracks include “Ghost Busters,” Toto’s “Africa,” and Ram Jam’s “Black Betty.” Mechanically speaking: +1 AGI (170 level 1 pp).

Falling with Style
These tracks are the ones that make the bad times better, that inspire you to roll out of bed the morning after a terrible night, that make you smile no matter the situation; they help the listener look better, feel better, stay cool, and stay on their feet. Songs include Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” and Daniel Powter’s “You Had a Bad Day.” Mechanically speaking: +75 style, composure, and acrobatics (360 level 1 pp).

One Trick Pony
This song grants the owner superfluous abilities in sleight of hand, though only for the purposes of juggling. Songs included anything by AC/DC. Mechanically speaking: +140 sleight of hand, juggling specialisation (75 level 1 pp).

I Know Kung Fu
This final set of songs grants the owner additional combat abilities provided he or she keep to a pacifistic code of conduct. The tracklist comprises the good songs from The Matrix’s original soundtrack. Mechanically speaking: +15 attack, +15 block (480 level 1 pp).


Mix Tape of Awesome Adventures

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