Buttercup My Little Carnival Hellsteed

Squishy's faithful and loyal familiar and bodyguard. It likes sweet-hearts and candy hands.


Buttercup, My Little Carnival Hellsteed

Squishy’s Familiar

Class: Level 1 Warrior, LP: 125, Regeneration: 2 Fatigue: Tireless, Category: Being Between Worlds, Gnosis 20

PhR: 40, MR: 40, PsR: 35, VR: 40 DR: 40

Strength: 8, Dexterity: 6, Agility: 10, Constitution: 8, Intelligence: 5, Power: 8, Willpower: 6, Perception: 8

Initiative: 65 Natural
Attack Ability: 85 Hellsteed Bite + 55 Hellsteed Hooves
Defense Ability: 85 Hellsteed Bite Block
Damage: Hellsteed Bite 50, Hellsteed Hooves 50
AT: Phys 3, Ene 2

Essential Abilities: Inhumanity, Physical Exemption
Powers: Hellsteed Bite (Natural Weapons), Hellsteed Hooves (Natural Weapons, Additional Attack -30 Final Attack Ability), Damage Energy, Elemental Attack Fire, Hellsteed Hide (Phys AT 3, Ene AT 2)

Primary Ability: Natural Weapon Module, Bodyguard Module
Secondary Abilities: Feats of Strength 25, Jump 25, Intimidate 15, Notice 20, Withstand Pain 20


Squishy’s adorable (for Rakdos) miniature hellsteed that he rides about into battle. Buttercup is quite positive that she (he, it?) is actually the brains of their operation, but is usually too polite to say such. It (she, he?) is always happy to serve as some muscle however, and to assist in providing an escape from the adventures that its master frequently drags them into.

Buttercup My Little Carnival Hellsteed

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